Food & Wine Pairing with Hannah Bellemare started in Sweden, in April 2013. Then hosting Wine tastings at many different venues; businesses, homes, 500 year old cellars, and Estates around Northern Sweden. Reaching great success in Sweden, the company now hosts wine tastings and courses internationally.


Many ask… What is a Gastro-Sommelier?
A Gastro-Sommelier is an individual with a University degree, or Academy diploma, in Culinary Science, as well as a University degree, or Academy diploma, as an Advanced Sommelier. A person with this double certification, is referred to as a Gastro-Sommelier.

There are very few Gastro-Sommeliers in the world; estimated less than 100 exist worldwide! They are experts in both food, and wine, and are the worlds leading, and only experts in the Science of correctly pairing food & wine!

Hannah Bellemare is Las Vegas’ very own Gastro-Sommelier! With studies at the University of Umeå where she attained her degree in Gastronomy, Culinary Science. She went on to study for her Advanced Sommeliers diploma from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, granted by the Swedish Restaurant Academy of Stockholm, and graduated with honors in both degrees.

“Hannah Bellemare is a leading expert in her field but still manages to be very personable, easy to like, and easy to understand. Both her tastings and lectures are interesting, educational, but also intensely entertaining.”

-Camilla Ingvarsson, Swedish Government Institution for continued learning.