Lamb with lasagna

With Barolo



  • 360 g / 13 oz Lamb filé
  • 80 g / 3 oz Butter
  • 2 1/2 tbsp. Salt
  • Fresh ground salt & pepper

Pasta cylinder

  • 20 fresh sheets of pasta
  • 500 g / 17 oz Ricotta
  • 140 g / 5 oz Manchego
  • 2 Lemons
  • 1 bunch of Rosemary
  • 1 tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil


  • 4 1/2 tbsp. heavily reduced Veal stock
  • 2 Garlic cloves


  • Herb of choice, for example micro parsley


  • Kitchen paper


  • The salt-brine can be made several hours ahead. To make the salt-brine, boil 7dl/3 cups of water with 2,5 tbs of salt until dissolved. Let chill.
  • When the salt-brine has cooled to room temperature (approx. 40min in the fridge) place the lamb in the brine. After 30-40 min remove the lamb from the brine and roll in kitchen paper and leave in room temperature until ready to cook.
  • To make the bouillon combine 2,5tbs of reduced veal stock, 2dl/1 cup of water, and 2 pressed cloves of garlic.
  • In a small pot melt 60gr/2oz of butter, when melted let brown while stirring until it reaches a light brown color, should take about 2 min after melting. Put the butter to the side.
  • Take out the ricotta and dry away excess liquid with some kitchen paper. Combine the 500gr/17oz of ricotta with zest from 2 lemons and 4tbs of finely chopped rosemary.
  • Cut the pasta into circles with approx. 9cm/3,5″ in diameter, or other chosen shape and size. Cut out 20 circles (keep the left over pasta and cut into band-pasta the next day).
  • Boil 1L/1/4 gallon of water.
  • Put the bouillon and ricotta-mixture in the microwave so they are ready to be warmed.
  • Remove the kitchen paper from the lamb, make sure there are no little pieces of paper left. Rub the lamb with freshly ground salt & pepper.
  • Thinly Slice 140gr/5oz of Manchego on a mandolin.
  • Microwave the ricotta and bouillon on the hottest setting until they are very warm, 2-6 min depending on microwave strength. Strain out the garlic from the bouillon, and pour the bouillon in a saucier.
  • Boil the pasta-circles for 2 minutes.
  • Set a fry pan to heat up on high heat.
  • Strain the pasta, stir in 1tbs extra virgin olive oil so they don’t clump together.
  • When the frypan is nice and hot add 20gr/1oz butter and the lamb. Leave the lamb completely still for 30 seconds, flip and cook for 15 seconds. Set on the cutting board to rest for 30 seconds.


  • In deep dishes place a pasta-circle in the middle, top with some ricotta, slices of manchego, and another small dollop of manchego for the next pasta layer to stick to. Repeat until you have 4 layers, top with a fifth pasta-circle.
  • Slice the lamb in 3/4cm/1/3″ thick slices, dip in the brown butter, and place the lamb on the pasta-cylinder, garnish with herb of choice, leafs of micro parsley work deliciously!
  • After placing the plates in front of your guests, for an extra luxurious touch, you as the host can pour the hot bouillon into each guest plate.

Hannah's tips

  • Using a steak-knife when eating this dish makes it much easier to eat!
  • To get perfect pasta-circles without having a circle-cutter, cut the pasta around the bottom of a clean can or something similar.